US interest in the Middle East

OnlineThinker, Pune: Throughout the history we have had four phases of exploitation. The US is using the fourth one in the Middle East, said Mohammad Reza Taheri, an Iranian political expert, at the Yashwantrao Chavan National Center of International Security & Defense Analysis (YCNISDA) in the University of Pune on 30th March 2010.

Dr. M R Taheri was addressing a seminar on “US interest in the Middle East” organized by the YCNISDA. In response to Why US is interested in the Middle East? Taheri has said that “US helps failed states such as Iraq to practice democracy at home. But, what will be the result?! Politicians will be elected by the people of their own countries, but they have to follow the advise of their powerful masters. This is the problem!”

Close to 70 percent of natural resources such as oil exist in the Middle East. According to some American experts, till one hundred years ahead oil can still play a very important role. For this reason, US plans to have a strong hold in the Middle East. In order to justify her presence in the Middle East, US always tries to use “democracy and human rights issues,” he continued.

According to Dr. taheri, The US has paved the way for American companies to benefit from the existing resources in the Middle East. US is expanding its presence in the Middle East because of China’s influence and the India’s growing influence. Both China and India will need these resources. There is a saying that “whosoever gets Middle East in control, it has almost the whole world in control.”

The seminar was attended by scholars and professors at YCNISDA, Pune (30th March 2010).

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