Mahtab Norozi, World’s famous Baloch woman

OnlineThinker (23 July 2012): Mahtab Norozi worked and lived at Ghasem Abad in Bampur of Iranian Balochestan. The Iranian Media, as well as, Iranian Baloch society considered Norozi the world’s most famous Baloch (woman) needle worker. Norozi never married. She once said that, “Because, I never fell in love. At that period, it was not the custom to see the suitors. So, whenever someone came to my family for marriage proposal, I had to get out of the room and busy myself with the needle work.”

When my family came to know that I am not interested in marriage, they did not insist.” (Mahtab Norozi, Wikipedia Farsi) Mahtab skillfully applied the Balochi design on clothes for half a century. She began the profession at the age of sixteen. For close to 60 years Mahtab continued the art of needle working.

Her works have been exhibited both in Iran and abroad on many occasions. The courtier clothes made by Mahtab and her team by the order of Farah Diba (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s wife) in 1970s are still kept in an exhibition at Saad Abab in Tehran. According to some reports, however, her works are kept in Tehran without any reference to her name. Few documentary movies also have been produced about her life and work.

Mahtab Norozi died at the age of 78 in Balochestan of Iran on 13 July 2012 (24 Tirmah-e 1391).

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