Economics and Entrepreneurship

ONLiNE THiNKER: On the importance of economics and entrepreneurship, Mohammad Reza Taheri presents that “In the history of human societies, economics has always been a pivotal factor; this can be felt and dealt everywhere — right from family as the basic institution up to the state as the highest institution.”  According to him, “Economic development comes from entrepreneurship.”

Regarding the importance of economics and the way world looks upon it, the former professor of political science, continuous “In the developed societies politics is at the service of economics, but in the developing societies economics is at the service of politics.”

Concerning the problems of internal administration, Dr. Mohammad Reza Taheri, as a leading adviser in entrepreneurial affairs, adds “Most of our officials have no idea of what really entrepreneurship is? Unfortunately, our universities are falling behind in innovation and their activities are limited only to the educational issues.”

He further says that “Our universities are very good at organizing seminars but very weak in utilizing such seminars to benefit and solve the problems of the society…”

The speech was presented at Payamnoor University Saravan Branch, Sistan va Balochestan, Iran (April 2018), and later on published by OSVAH, a cultural and political magazine in May 2018.

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