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You sew because you want to express yourself —

— With all the unique quirks, preferences, and qualities that make you who you are.

But too often, we sewists get tripped up. Maybe you get pulled into the latest trends, or you keep accumulating fabric, or you just keep making things that you'll never wear.

That means you end up spending way too much time and money while not expressing who you really are. Your wardrobe feels fractured. There's a disconnect between your personal style and the things you’re making, and you’re not quite sure how to bridge it.

We’ve all been there. And we have just the thing to help.

What is Design Your Wardrobe?

Design Your Wardrobe is a 3-week program that will help you get unstuck and back on the path of making clothes that fit who you are.

This step-by-step method helps you to think holistically about your wardrobe. With daily videos, worksheets, creative exercises, a planner, and a private community to support you, you'll create your own personalized queue of projects for the next 3–6 months.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

Create a moodboard, so you can visualize exactly what you're going for.

Build a palette, so you have the exact fabrics and colors that work together.

Define the looks you want to create, so you're not just sewing one-off projects.

Build a personal queue of sewing projects, so you have an idea of what you want to make in the next season.

What You’ll Get

Daily Lessons

Each week, you’ll focus on a different part of the design process, from setting goals to planning your final sewing queue. Every weekday, you’ll watch a video that walks you through a new step and demystifies what it means to think like a designer.

Fun Worksheets & Activities

Each weekday, you’ll get a quick worksheet or activity. These exercises will help you explore your style, play with inspiration and fabric, and organize your ideas so you can prioritize your sewing.

Community Support

The Seamwork Community is a place to connect, ask questions, share your ideas, and cheer each other on. Chat with other sewists in a positive, supportive space, and get inspired by the wardrobe goals of creative makers like you.


Along with video lessons, you’ll receive a downloadable workbook of the lessons, walking you through the entire process. Re-read the lessons whenever you like, and use it to follow along during the 3-week program.

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Meet Your Teachers


Sarai is the founder of Seamwork and creator of Design Your Wardrobe. She loves digging into the "why" behind sewing. She's been creating wardrobe-planning workshops like Design Your Wardrobe since 2014, and has had the opportunity to learn from thousands of participating sewists like you.


Meg is the Managing Editor at Seamwork and facilitates Design Your Wardrobe each season. You'll find her posting prompts in our private community, answering your questions, and hosting live events.


Wallis is a patternmaker for Seamwork and loves sewing athletic apparel for her roller skating adventures. She has completed DYW several times and her favorite part is seeing everyone’s completed collections.

What Participants are Saying

Over 6,000 sewists have gone through the Design Your Wardrobe program. Here's what they have to say.

I was drawn to the Design Your Wardrobe course because I wanted to be strategic about my making. I developed project plans based on garments I needed, and this process has given me a tool for assessing future pattern excitement.


II have never been so organized, and excited to start sewing a capsule wardrobe. It is wonderful to have all the classes and resources to help with my sewing at my fingertips. Keep up the great work!


I love Design Your Wardrobe! It’s such a fun and useful process every time. And it works! Nearly all of my most loved and worn me-mades are the result of Design Your Wardrobe plans that I’ve made over the years.

Founder of MyBodyModel

Ready to get Started? Here's How.

The next session of Design Your Wardrobe starts on March 27, 2023.

This program is currently only available to Seamwork members. When you join Seamwork, you not only get to participate in the next session, you also get access to the self-guided version at any time.

Design Your Wardrobe is included with your Seamwork membership — there is no extra cost to participate!

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Plus, Get These Bonuses

Design Your Wardrobe eBook

This book walks you through the 3-week class. It includes all the reading and worksheets to design your own collection. This class is written so you can take it whenever you'd like, or you can participate in one of our wardrobe parties.

Seamwork Design Flats

This PDF contains flats for all Seamwork pattern designs. Use these flats to plan looks for Design Your Wardrobe or to sketch ideas for your next sewing project.

Style Workshop

The Style Workshop walks you through 10 exercises to help define your style. You can take this workshop on its own or it can help you get ideas flowing for the Design Your Wardrobe class.

Silhouette Worksheet

Use this worksheet to sketch different silhouettes on your body to discover what shapes you like to wear the most.

Collection Planner

Use this sewing planner to plan your next projects. You can use it along with the Design Your Wardrobe program or on its own.

Join the next round of Design Your Wardrobe

You’ll get:

Daily video lessons to walk you through the entire program
Fun worksheets and activities each weekday
Access to our private community — go through the program with an entire community!
Workbook with each lesson to review any time

Design flats to help you easily sketch new looks


Collection planner for building out your sewing queue


Style Workshop to help you pinpoint your personal style


Silhouette Worksheet to help you discover the shapes YOU like best

Course begins March 27, 2023


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