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BUTTERFLY ✍ Farahnaz Yousefi Assistant Professor & PhD in English Literature   Though the small palace was beautiful and fair Sadly the brave Baloch queen was not there She was watching from behind her grave Whose have […]


Fundamental Steps towards Entrepreneurship

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Fundamental steps towards Entrepreneurship Dr. Omid Reza Taheri 23 May 2012 In this note, we will be considering the fundamental steps towards the entrepreneurship. At first we will be referring to two kinds of definitions […]


Information Technology

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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Dr. Mohammad Reza Taheri 12 September 2011 Globalization is an international phenomenon which came into being only decades ago. Although it is a new trend, it has been expanded to the farthermost parts […]

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  • WICKED CAKE CREAMS ✍ Farahnaz Yousefi Assistant Professor & PhD in English Literature    This is because of the autumn That everything has got sadden   The green leaves get yellow Just because of that [...]
  • Online Thinker: “Comparative Study of the Problem of Mind from the Point of View of Descartes, Leibnitz, Mulla Sadra and some Current Approaches in Cognitive Sciences” (Persian Language), written by Dr. Omid Reza Taheri, published [...]

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    Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong. RICHARD ARMOUR
  • AYATOLLAH KHAMENEI: Those who have accumulated weapons of mass destruction at their armories, do not have right to declare themselves as the vanguard of global security!
  • A Sociopolitical approach to Azadi: A novel by Chaman Nahal Dr. Amir Taheri 10 July 2011 Introduction Chaman Nahal is one of the outstanding novelists of the seventies (1970’s). He worked as a professor of [...]