November 27, 2018 0

BUTTERFLY ✍ Farahnaz Yousefi Assistant Professor & PhD in English Literature   Though the small palace was beautiful and fair Sadly the brave Baloch queen was not there She was watching from behind her grave Whose have […]


Fundamental Steps towards Entrepreneurship

January 10, 2018 0

Fundamental steps towards Entrepreneurship Dr. Omid Reza Taheri 23 May 2012 In this note, we will be considering the fundamental steps towards the entrepreneurship. At first we will be referring to two kinds of definitions […]


Information Technology

January 10, 2018 1

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Dr. Mohammad Reza Taheri 12 September 2011 Globalization is an international phenomenon which came into being only decades ago. Although it is a new trend, it has been expanded to the farthermost parts […]


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  • Understanding Literature

    January 10, 2018 0
    Interview with Professor Manoj Bhise TECODH, 15 October 2007, Professor Manoj Bhise is one of the well-known actors in the state of Maharashtra, India. He has been a Senior Grade Drama Artist of ‘All India [...]
  • Man-Woman Relationship

    January 10, 2018 0
    Man-Woman relationship: A reading between the lines in the selected poems of Kamala Das Dr. Farahnaz Yousefi 06 May 2011 Kamala Das was born in an erudite family in Kerela in 1934. She was married [...]
  • Online Thinker: “The West and The ISIS: Repercussions on Shia Iran”, written by Ahmad Reza Taheri, published with Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict. Post Box No. 10560, JNU Old Campus, New Delhi, [...]
  • Maahiat-e Siasat dar Balochestan-e Iran: Asr-e Pahlavi (A Persian Language Article) by Ahmad Reza Taheri  published with TECODH.
  • Online Thinker: “Baloch Insurgency and Challenges to the Islamic Republic of Iran”, written by Ahmad Reza Taheri, was published with Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict. Post Box No. 10560, JNU Old Campus, [...]